Tuesday, August 3

Train up a Child

I am quite sure that Barb has blogged about this before it but it’s worth repeating. One of the first years at homemakers, Barb challenged us by saying, “If you love someone, become an expert on them.” (If that doesn’t require being intentional I’m not sure what does). At the time we were talking more about our spouses, but I also think this applies to parenting. How well do you know your children…I mean do you really know them? Are you an expert on them?

As Jeff and I were trying to decide whether to home school Abigail or not, one verse became a deciding factor for us and continues to be in our parenting of our two extremely different children. In Proverbs 22:6 it states: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

What stood out in that verse to us was “in the way HE should go.” We were challenged to think about Abigail as an individual. We are commanded to teach her about God, but in the way she needs to be taught. She has bents and a personality that has specific needs whereas Maddie’s needs are completely different. For example, Abigail needs everything explained to her when it comes to her walk with the Lord. She loves to talk with Jeff about the bible and would ask questions for hours. She also questions everything. Not just to be difficult, just because it is her. Because we have taken the time to get to know her, it becomes less frustrating to parent her and her needs. Whereas Maddie will pretty much do whatever you tell her because she is a people pleaser. Knowing that will help us teach her how to communicate her boundaries to others while using her strength of kindness to serve others.

Taking the time to know our children takes just that-time. Have you ever heard the saying that children need quality time not quantity time? I believe that you cannot have quality time without having quantity time. You cannot be an intentional parent without spending the time needed to really know these incredible gifts God has entrusted you with…God gave you your child because you are the perfect fit for him/her. God chose you to raise this child because He saw something in you that He knew would mold that child into the person He hopes that child will become. That is an unbelievable and overwhelming responsibility. I challenge you today to take the time needed to really know your child and parent to his/her bents.

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