Thursday, August 26

Waiting to be Healed

After my tumble, I find myself waiting to heal. I can't venture out anywhere for fear of scaring people and I can't eat solid food. I realize how impatient I can get. I check the mirror each time I walk past it to see if I am healed!

I am reminded of this story about a TV evangelist who had throat problems and was told he shouldn't speak for 3 months! The evangelist protested that that would be impossible. He prayed and was healed miraculously. The man who related this story said:

Can you imagine telling God--the God in whom there is no beginning and no ending, the eternal, always was and always will be God, the God who buries tulip bulbs in the darkness of the soil, the God who hides oak trees in acorns, this God--that you don't have 3 months? It seems bold to me, to say the very least, to say this to God who knew you long before you ever came to be. To suggest to this God--who has promised to gather up all of your life and transform it into the goodness of His purpose--that He should get on with it because you don't have time to dilly-dally around is pretty daring! I can almost hear God saying, "I think I'll just heal him. It will be easier than explaining it to him."

Good words for me and anyone 'waiting' to remember! I love to think of God burying tulip bulbs and in His good timing they will sprout. It is worth the wait.

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Kaiser said...

Exactly what I needed to hear today :)