Thursday, July 1

Organization Motivation

A friend and I met earlier this week and she shared with me about this closet that had been haunting her since they moved into her new house. She wanted to organize it but with two small children she was afraid to pull out all the stuff during naptime only to be half done when they woke and by bedtime she was too exhausted to tackle it...yet it was driving her crazy. I am not sure if I was a very good friend at this particular moment, but I looked at her and said, "It will probably take you less than an hour to actually clean it, and you will feel a load lifted if you just do it." I would like to take credit for this advice, but I remember reading in some organization book that the number one reason we don't take the time to organize something is because we "think" it will take us forever so we don't do it. In reality if we would just tackle it head-on it usually takes way less time than we thought, and our minds are able to concentrate on more important things in life. My friend emailed me the next day saying thanks for the motivation and that she now had a beautifully organized today I am going to try to motivate you. Think of that one project that has been hanging over your head and just do may be surprised at how quickly it gets done and how much better you feel...happy organizing!

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Romance In A Glance said...

Okay so I haven't had a lot of time to read these posts...but skimming through, I can tell I will spend a lot of time here! Love your titles I see...I'm all about organization! And being a homemaker! Although I work a full time job then come home to my second job :)

I hope to have kids soon and really be a homemaker and stay at home to raise them! Anyways, love the stuff I see and I can't wait to start reading!

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