Monday, July 5

Welcome to Holland

This week I am going to blog a little bit about our experience receiving the news that our daughter has Neurofibromatosis. I have debated whether or not to share things about NF on this blog because I don't want these entries to seem like a big downer. However, millions of moms out there experience disorders or diseases that maybe they wouldn't have picked for their child but they now face the reality that this is what it is. She was diagnosed in December and our world was most definitely changed. My husband and I went to a symposium to gain more information about this disorder we had never heard about before. They opened the meeting by sharing this poem by Emily Perl Kingsley. It was written to describe what it is like to find out your child has special needs. Even if this doesn't pertain to you, I think it gives you a really good perspective on what other people experience.

Welcome to Holland Poem


cybil said...

praying that GOD heals your daughter completely!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your heart

Katy said...

Heidi, I just wanted to encourage you in your decision to share your journey. I have always thought that was such a powerful poem! And I think that many parents--maybe more than we'll ever know--face detours of one sort or another on what they thought was a direct flight to Italy.

May God give you and your family grace & sustaining strength for the road ahead of you. I pray He will honor your transparency as you share your experiences here.