Wednesday, May 27

Gardening 101

Stacy and I planted flowers over Memorial Day weekend! So fun. So many colors and plants to choose from.

She needed completely new landscape, so we started simple. We planted easy plants that will be forgiving if she ignores them abit. Here are a few tips I have picked up in planting gardens of my own:

1. Before shopping for flowers, consider the 'sun factor'. If your garden beds receive direct sun for a long period of time, you will want to choose hardy plants. If your beds are mainly in the shade, you will have to choose plants that thrive in that exposure. (The plants are labeled at the garden store as to what exposure they can take)

2. Choose a site for your flower bed that can be enjoyed from the house if possible or as you drive up to your home.

3. Lay out a hose or sturdy rope to outline the pattern you want for your garden.

4. Dig in with gusto and prepare the soil by removing leaves, grass and weeds. Level off the area with a rake.

5. "Less is more" when purchasing bushes and flowers. They will grow and fill out. Limit your palatte to 2 or 3 colors and consider what goes well with the backdrop of your home.

6. Repeat the plant in the garden or nearby spaces. Repetition of color and type of plant offers a more serene view of your property. Place the plants around in different areas while they are still in their pots. You just might get inspired to try a different plan.

7. Spread mulch in between plants to limit the weeds from sprouting up. Put it carefully around the base of each plant.

8. Water your masterpiece! Let the hose run slowly on the bushes for a good amount of time. Water your plants the first few days to get the roots ready to branch out and deepen.

9. Sit back and enjoy! A summer full of color and beauty!

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