Tuesday, May 12

A photo dilemma

This week's topic is pretty applicable since I realized yesterday that I forgot to take pictures on Mother's Day!

Ahhh....my first Mother's Day and no photo of Samuel and I or Samuel, Ryan and I. How did I forget???? It's doubtful I will experience another Mother's Day with a baby in my arms and one in my belly :)

Barb and I had a good discussion on Mother's Day about scrapbooking...and picture taking...and recording all those memories and photos.

I am surrounded by women who stress out because they are 'behind' in their chronological scrapbooking and will never be caught up. I am also surrounded by women who take hundreds of photos and leave them all on their computer...never printing a one.

Where do I fit into this mix? Do I even want to scrapbook? Do I enjoy it? Do I do it for myself or for my spouse/children? Do I feel guilty about what I do or don't do?

These are the kinds of questions I need to ask myself as I take a look at the thousands of photos I have of Samuel. What kind of expectation am I placing on myself? Is it time to start new habits now that I have a child and another on the way? What is realistic for me in this season of life?

I don't have all the answers. I haven't determined all of that yet. But I do know this...I have less time these days and more photos. And yet, I still have a desire to record these precious 'firsts' for my son. Maybe it will be so I can look back someday and remember...rather than Samuel looking back.

I am looking at this part of my life with new eyes...thanks for pondering with us this week!


lovefamilymemories said...

Wow....I wish I could be in your shoes regarding your photos!

May I humbly make a suggestion? Definitely scrapbook your child's life. It's their "history." Their photos with your journalling as the mother....a priceless heirloom created by YOU.

My youngest child is a junior in college. Her 2 older brothers are out of college. I have had to "go back" and try to remember details that go with photos and it has been tough. But I do not beat myself up about it....I just do the best I can.

As far as scrapbooking, just remember,the simpler, the better. The focus should be on the photos and your journalling...I love this motto: "simple pages, completed albums."

Put the BEST photos in the scrapbook album....don't "not" do it because you cannot decide. Just do it!

I hope I have encouraged you in some way today. My children's albums are my greatest material possession. The love looking at them and my friends who have small chidren say their children love looking at them, too!

When you begin, it is important to choose the right album. In most stores, there are "post bound" albums and if you look at them, the pages are held together with 1/8th inch of flimsy plastic, and it is just a matter of time before the plastic rips.

The Creative Memories albums are best: they have a lifetime guarantee and are held in the album with metal pieces, and the edges are reinforced, to keep out light and dirt...the biggest enemy of photos.

I am a teacher and must get ready for work. I do humbly invite you to my Creative Memories website: www.mycmsite.com/marycluley and go to "project center" and you will see tons and tons of great ideas for simple albums.

I send every sincere good wish your way,

Karissa said...

I have a picture of the four of us - Samuel, Makaela, you and I that I'll have to be sure you get. There are a couple good ones that maybe you can crop us two out of :)