Wednesday, July 1

Leaving a Legacy...

If I handed you a banana, what would you expect to get when you peeled back the skin?

A peach? A tomato? An apple?

A banana, of course!

What would others expect to get if they peeled back your skin and could see your heart?

Love? Anger? Jealousy? Peace? Animosity?

Whatever others may find beneath your surface is probably what you will leave behind as your legacy.

The woman of integrity walks securely,
but the woman who takes crooked paths will be found out...

(Proverbs 10:9...I inserted 'woman' for 'man')

The woman who is the same inside and out can walk securely...the woman who takes crooked paths must have something to hide because the verse says she 'will be found out.'

I have 'legacy' written next to this verse in my Bible. It is a reminder to me that I want to live a consistent life...that there isn't something that will be 'found out' about me that will negate who I want to become.

A wise woman who builds her house will have many people looking in to see what she is building. She is in the perfect place to make sure she is constructing a life and a home that is genuine and pure before God...and others.

Then those who follow after will have a straight path to follow.

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