Tuesday, June 30

Family Reunions

Next month I will be heading off to a family reunion. My dad is one of 13 children....there are about 50 grandchildren and 50 great-children (with a few more currently on the way!).

We hold a family reunion every other summer...otherwise it is rare these 100+ family members actually get together.

This summer will be different because my grandma recently passed away. Not only will she not be present, but we'll be holding a memorial service for her on Sunday.

If you were to visit my family reunion I think it would be very telling what kind of people my grandparents were by the conversations taking place throughout the weekend. I imagine the weekend will be spent discussing my grandparents life, family memories, stories, and the legacy my grandparents left behind.

Not all 13 children and their spouses claim to love the Lord, but most of them do. Some have dedicated their lives to telling people about Him. Many of the grandkids love the Lord as well.

In the Old Testament we are told to remember: to share stories of God's faithfulness - to eat, celebrate and acknowledge what God has done. I hope we do that this year, and every year.

That would be a legacy my grandparents would be proud of!

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