Friday, June 19

Home Improvement...Influencing your Man

Gary Thomas, in Sacred Influence, says the number one rule for influencing your man is this: "Stop taking your husband for granted"

In her book, Capture His Heart, Lysa TerKeurst tells of boarding a shuttle bus at the airport, where she met a sixty-year-old man who said something very simple but astonishing. Lysa commented that people must love to see the shuttle bus pull up, because it means they're going home.
The driver laughed. "Yeah, everyone is excited to see me pull up to the curb. That's why I like my job so much. People get on the bus and smile so bif. They've just been waiting for me, and when I finally arrive, they are happy I'm here. I've often wished I had a video camera to tape people as they get on my bus with the smiling faces and glad-to-see-ya comments. I'd love for my wife to see a tape like that. That's the way I've always wanted her to look when I come home from work." (italics is mine)

Leslie Vernick, author of How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong, once asked a husband in a counseling situation what he would most like from his wife. He responded, "There was a guy at work who was clumsy and never did the job quite right. None of us guys thought much of him, but when his wife came in one day, she looked at him like he could do no wrong. All of us guys were jealous of him from then on, because we knew he wasn't perfect, but his wife treated him like he was. I would love for my wife to look at me like that." (italics is mine)

A wife has a unique opportunity to influence her husband over the years. Begin this Father's Day weekend to stop taking your spouse for granted. It will spill over to how your kids react to dad...and to mom!

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