Monday, June 29

Leaving a Legacy

"Rather than filling your life with things to make you feel significant, fill your life with significant things."

I pulled this quote from my files this weekend as comments and accolades were flooding the news about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett's deaths. I wanted to bring clarity to my mind as to how I was spending my days here on earth.

What significant things am I filling my life with?

Immediately after Jackson and Fawcett's deaths were announced, TV reporters were vying for examples of how these two performers reached a level in life where they were able to leave a legacy. All weekend I heard of how people were impacted by Jackson's music and Fawcett's beauty.

I don't think 'leaving a legacy' is an achievement.

I don't think 'leaving a legacy' is a choice.

I think all of us will leave a legacy. It is just a matter of what kind of legacy we will leave.

I am writing my legacy every day of my life whether I acknowledge it or not.

The choices I make daily will determine the legacy I will ultimately leave behind.

How I chose to invest my time will sculpt my legacy.

What I decide to do with my God-given talents will expand my legacy.

Who I can encourage along the way will make my legacy meaningful.

I reminded myself this weekend to fill my life with significant things. That is what will make my legacy significant.

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