Wednesday, June 3


Are you learning to be content?

Philip Yancey writes of a spiritual seeker who interrupted his busy, acquisitive life to spend a few days in a monastery. "I hope your stay is a blessed one," said the monk who showed him to his simple cell. "If you need anything, let us know, and we'll teach you how to live without it."

If contentment is learned, how are you doing? In this economy, it's a good question to ponder. Have we come to believe we NEED so many things?

Look at how Americans perceive their needs in 1970 compared with the year 2000:

Second car 20%
Second TV 3%
More than one phone 2%
Car air-conditioning 11%
Dishwasher 8%

Second car 59%
Second TV 45%
More than one phone 78%
Car air-conditioning 65%
Dishwasher 44%

(Taken from When the Game is Over it All Goes Back in the Box by John Ortberg)

Our 'needs' have changed even more since 2000 when you think of all our cell phones! Back in 1970, only 2% of Americans thought 2 phones were necessary, now we all have our OWN!

Gratitude seems to be the key for me to keep my perspective honest. I can so easily be deceived into thinking I 'need' just alittle bit more and then I will have complete contentment. Of course, if I get that 'little bit more', I am still wanting for 'more'.

I don't want this economy to dampen the blessings I have this summer. I have found if I fill my mind with the blessings I have, I don't have the desire to wander the shopping malls wondering what I am 'needing'.

The summer of 2009 can be the summer of ENOUGH...if I am grateful and concentrate on 'learning to be content'.

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