Wednesday, June 24

Summer Parties

"When I was about thirty, I decided it was time to give a proper sit-down dinner. My husband, Andy, was all for it, but he also knew that considering this would be my first dinner party, a little warning was in order. So he made copies of instructions for the Heimlich maneuver, which he used as the invitation. The point wasn't lost on our frineds when Andy wrote, 'You're invited to Kate's first dinner party.'

Who's Kate?

Kate Spade, of course!! Who knew that Kate Spade had to LEARN how to entertain! This is an excerpt from Kate Spade's book, Occasions!

If you're at the library this summer with your little kiddos, you might want to check out this CUTE book. It was the cuteness that caught my eye. You don't need to read it from cover to cover, but there are fun tidbits to try on your friends and family.

Here's a sample:
"Hors d'oeuvres should be bite size. I think it's hard to bite into something with a napkin and a drink already in your hand. That's why I like mini foods, which you can just pop in."

"Be showered and dressed an hour before you expect the first guests to arrive. Even the most conscientious hostess will forget this on her pre-party checklist."

It is fun to read about her husband's involvement in their entertaining. It sounds like they make a great team in this area.

"When Andy was in Little League, his mother threw him what became his first un-occasion party, to celebrate his first hit at bat. She invited the team over, rushed home from the game, and served sandwiches, cream soda and twinkies."

What would you think is the one ingredient that 'ultimately defines a good hostess'? Think about it and I will tell you what she thinks it is on Friday:)

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