Wednesday, June 17

Do You Influence Your Man?

We have 2 sons. Our oldest is Ryan, he's married to Stacy.

I lived with him for about 20 years, he lived with roommates for 5 years and now he has lived with Stacy for 8 years.

Lots has been said about the impact a mom has on her sons and I believe that is true. Values, disciplines, attitudes and many basic habits can be established by a mom...but to make a guy into a real man, well, it takes a good wife.

Ryan could live with Stacy for another 50 or so years. That will really shape him into the man he will ultimately be. He is such a fine man now, I would like to take credit for his sterling personality, but it is Stacy who will really set the bar for who Ryan becomes.

The book, Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas, has been recommended on this blog before and it is worth mentioning it again this week before Father's Day.

If you have a 'dad' living in your home, you have an incredible opportunity to influence that fellow into becoming an awesome figure in your children's lives. It's the big picture you want to keep in focus on a daily basis because that will make it possible for you to encourage your man to 'stay the course'.

Please note, I am talking about 'influencing your man', not changing him! That is where the satisfaction as a wife comes in. I know that in the last 35 years that I have lived with the father of my kids, I HAVE CHANGED...and that has made it possible for me to influence my husband.

When I realized that changing myself into a better wife was going to be a life-long job, I stopped trying to change my husband, I couldn't do both! It was only after I began to change that I really began to influence my husband for the better.

Father's Day is Sunday. Is there something that needs to be changed within you to make this Father's Day a day of gratitude and thanksgiving?

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Kaiser said...

Thanks for this nice "reminder" about treating my husband with gratitude and respect. I find what you say to be very true; when I focus on changing my actions, my husband is also influened positively. God has a great way of working things out!