Thursday, February 12

82 years!

Every morning I turn on the Today Show to catch up on news and see the weather for the day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Willard Scott does birthday wishes for those who have lived many many decades....

Today they acknowledged a couple who had been married for 82 years. 82 years!!!

She was in her late 90s and he was 102.

Can you imagine celebrating 82 anniversaries?

I was inspired. I was encouraged. I was challenged!

I am about to celebrate 8 in a few weeks.

I got to thinking about what it takes to make it for 82 years (besides getting married as a teenager :).

I"m guessing their love is not reserved for one special day a year in February. I'm guessing they've learned how to give and receive love 365 days a year. I'm guessing they've faced hard times together, good times together and unexpected times together.

This Valentine's week I'm inspired by a couple I've never met....whose commitment to one another and to marriage challenges me to keep on keeping on - on Valentine's Day and every day.

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