Friday, February 20

Two Good Choices

I read an article by Pam Farrel, a 'relationship specialist' who stated:

"There are many ways to mess up love because humans can have a bent toward selfish, controlling, and basically not-so-smart choices"

I thought of Stacy's post from yesterday. She mentioned that she had to be mindful of her choices because there are so many 'good' choices to choose from. I think, as women, we have so many interests,so many choices, we need to ask ourselves what might be the best choice.

Pam has a list of the Top Six Snares to Long Lasting Love:

1. Think, "I can handle a schedule that has almost no time for my spouse."

2. Live at a pace that rarely allows for 'red hot monogamy' (sexual intimacy)

3. Ignore boundaries with the opposite sex by meeting alone with opposite sex

4. Think, "I deserve it," and reward your hard work with an unhealthy habit like pornography, food, drinking or shopping addiction

5. When stressed by work, unload on your mate with anger, negativity or demands.

6. Ignore alarms that past baggage is trying to reclaim ground in your life (tramatic childhood, addictions, anger, critical spirit, etc) Often your spouse will be the first to see the symptoms and bring up the topic which is met with hostility. denial, or rationalizing.

Being aware of these snares may help us make better choices.

The article ends on a good note. In a nut shell, she says to make 2 good choices daily:



Make it a great weekend, everyone!

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