Tuesday, February 10


Tonight my husband and I were watching The Biggest Loser on television and it seems that every other commercial was for jewelry for Valentine's Day. Clearly, someone out there believes all women want jewelry for this day of love.

Ryan asked me after one of these commercials what I wanted for V-Day. My response: a Dustbuster. Sexy huh? But I do really want one to quickly vacuum up little spills, dirt under the table and to vacuum off our furniture easily. Can't imagine what that commercial would look like!

So I asked Ryan, "What do you want for Valentine's Day?" (typically we don't exchange gifts but I thought I would ask just to see his answer...). I won't write his answer, but he is a guy so you can guess what look I got :)

While I'm not into buying or receiving expensive chocolates, flowers and jewelry for V-Day (that doesn't count baked goodies!), I see no reason why we can't use this day as another opportunity to tell our spouse how much we love and respect him. What a great time for me to give Ryan want he prefers most of the 5 love languages - quality time. What a perfect day to celebrate the blessing of marriage, love and Christ-centered commitment.

Yes we can let Hallmark or Kay's Jewelry dictate 2/14 or we can decide for ourselves how to celebrate it in our own relationships....showing love, sharing love and celebrating love.

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