Thursday, February 5


"Do you, Ryan Dale May intend to provide for this little baby until he is of legal age?"

"Do you agree to take care of him even if he has mental or physical problems in the future?"

These were just some of the questions that Ryan and Stacy were asked at court today.

Today was "Gotcha Day"...a day of celebration for our family. Samuel Lee May was officially recognized by the court to be the son of Ryan and Stacy.

It was very official.

It was very emotional.

It was very fun.

As we entered the Juvenile Court, we were screened by security. Even Great-Grandma had her cane scanned and her shoes checked! It caught me off guard that security would be so tight, when we were coming there to celebrate.

The ceremony lasted about 10 minutes...with a lawyer asking the questions, a court reporter documenting it all and a judge who happily declared Samuel to be the son of Ryan and Stacy.

Not a dry eye could be found.

All thought about work, emails, blog postings or daily tasks took second place today.
Today was all about praising God for His perfect gift of Samuel Lee May. Today was about smiling at anyone and everyone that crossed our path.

"Gotcha" has a whole new meaning for me!


kim said...

Praise God for He is good. Always good!

Lynn said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful gift.