Monday, February 16

Where's My Focus?

I was looking forward to reading The Power of a Praying Wife when it first became popular. I was always eager to pray for my husband...because there was so many areas to cover with the Lord:)

Imagine my surprise when the first chapter was all about ME. The author, Stormie Omartian devotes 23 pages writing about wives. It's the longest chapter in her book.

Her point was...don't bother praying for your husband if you aren't ready to pray for yourself and your relationship with your husband. Praying for our husbands isn't making a list of complaints and bringing them before the Lord. It's really about praying for understanding so we can become the wife our husband needs.

Dr Steve Stephens and Alice Gray wrote The Walk Out Woman. They offer 2 helpful questions for women to ponder when their marriage is frustrating and their husbands remain a mystery. Gary Thomas, in Sacred Influence, offers a 3rd question:

1. What's it like being married to me?
2. What's it like hearing the words I say?
3. What's it like living with my attitude?

These questions keep me in prayer most of the day.

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