Monday, February 23

Marriages Hit Hard Times

I have to believe that there are many marriages that are hurting these days.

According to the Association of Bridal Consultants, more than 67 percent of newlyweds believe the most serious conflict in their first year of marriage is about money. In addition, of the 40,000 consumers who call in to Cambridge Credit Counselors for free financial advice, about 4 percent blame money problems for their divorce. (from

Our economy is hurting and that has got to have an affect on many of our marriages.

What's a wife to do when her husband loses his job? When groceries cost more than the budget allows? When there is no money for the 'extras'?

There are many tips given to help extend our money but I think a wife can do even more. She can be there for her husband.

Dan Baker and Cameron Stauth in their book, What Happy People Know, state that most people struggle with 2 basic fears:
Fear of not having enough
Fear of not being enough

Husbands who are concerned about their inability to provide for their families during these tight times struggle with these fears.
This can be a wonderful time for a wife to grow in her faith in God and love for her husband. As women, we can have a profound impact on our husbands by finding contentment with what we have at this time. As wives, we can have a profound impact by letting our husbands know that we love them even when their role as a provider is compromised.

I am not sure who gave me this financial advice, but I have found it so helpful:
1. Spend on things that matter
2. Save for things that matter
3. Give to things that matter

Be a wife who quietly applies this advice. Then spend the rest of your energy on enjoying what you have and loving your husband for who he is.

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