Thursday, April 16

Chocolate, condoms, netflicks

No those are not the ingredients for a romantic night at home :)

Chocolate, condoms, netflicks, romance novels, McDonalds and more...are among the industries that are doing well during the current recession.

Check out this article to read about the top 10: 10 Winners in the Recession

You'll see what people are turning to when times are tough. Some out of necessity, some out of desperation.

There are obvious ones like career building web sites and resume editing.

Some people are making wise cuts in spending: Netflicks is ultimately cheaper than taking the family to the movies and at-home coffee is cheaper than Caribou or Starbucks.

But what about chocolate? Romance Novels? McDonalds?

What does that say about what/who we turn to when times are tough? Do we indulge in sweets? Do we try to escape by reading a love story? Do we fill up on salt and fat?

At times, all those sound good to me. But am I partaking in activities or developing habits that I'm not proud of? Good things to ponder.

I just wanted to share this article and challenge each one of us as wise women to be aware and intentional about the daily choices we are making.....

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