Wednesday, April 8

A Hallmark Easter?

This week I heard something that made me very sad. A friend told me about a gal she knows who is in her early 20s and had never heard the true meaning of Easter until last year.

During her younger years, this gal's family got together to celebrate Easter. They decorated eggs, made Easter baskets with candy, had a big family meal, etc. But they did not go to church. More importantly, no one ever explained to her that the reason we acknowledge and celebrate Easter is because of a man named Jesus.

This gal thought Easter was simply about an Easter bunny, eggs and candy. She knew only the Hallmark version of Easter.

Speaking of eggs...did you know the reason that eggs and bunnies are associated with Easter is because originally eggs were seen as a sign of fertility and bunnies were known for reproducing rapidly? Eggs come from chickens, not bunnies - but on this holiday it's the Easter bunny that delivers the eggs.

Hearing about the gal who had never heard about more than eggs and bunnies on Easter, made me ponder who in my life only knows the Hallmark Easter? Who has never heard that the reason we celebrate Easter is because it represents the miracle of new life...

These last few days before Easter, I'm going to take time to think about those I love and care about. I'm going to think about those I work with. Those I live near. Those I interact with.

I'm going to see if I can't help just one person understand the difference between a Hallmark Easter and an Easter that celebrates the story of Jesus and his impact on our lives.

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