Monday, April 6


One week til Easter...a time for friends and family. It's a good time to consider my friends and all they mean to me.

Quite awhile ago I heard Susan Andringa talking about her book, Esteemed Journey. She asked a question that is perfect for this time of year. She was talking about friends and asked who was important in my life. She asked a powerful question when it came to choosing friends;

"Who is in your life that would be willing to die for you?"

Does that grab your attention? It did mine.

She went on to say that we have 'balcony' people in our lives and 'basement' people in our lives. It is important to identify who is who?

'Balcony friends' are friends who cheer you on. They are rooting for you and celebrate your successes.

'Basement people' are people in your life that just may be there, but not necessarily people you choose to speak into your life. They have a tendency to grab your ankles and pull you down.

I like that visual and I listed 5 friends that I consider 'balcony people'. These are friends I want to listen to.

If I ask the question, "Who is willing to die for me?" Jesus Christ has already proven His love for me. He died for ME. He needs to be #1 on my list of balcony people.

Interesting exercise just before Easter, huh?

Who do you listen to the most?

Who do you try to please?

Who would you be willing to die for?

Easter and friends...give it some thought this week.

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