Thursday, April 2

The Easter Egg Hunt!

Our family hosted a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt for quite a few years. Kids of all ages showed up at our doorstep early morning, usually wearing winter jackets and mittens. (Easter never was a guarantee for warm weather). I divided the kids up into pairs, one older child with a younger child. Anyone who could walk could participate! Each pair was given a picture of a farm animal and that was their team name. When every team was in place, we walked to the park that was behind our home. Very early that morning, my husband and I hid colorful, plastic eggs all over the park. Each egg had a picture of a farm animal on it and was filled with goodies.
The 'hunt' started when all the young participants received a basket. When an egg was found, the older child of each team was not allowed to touch or pick up any egg. The older child could just stand over the egg that had their farm animal picture on it and make the sound of that animal. That was a signal for the younger child to come over and pick up the egg and put it in their basket.

What a sight that was:
Older children "mooing", "barking", "meowing", "baaing", "clucking", etc all over the park. Parents lined the park, taking pictures and cheering the teams on.

The 'hunt' was over before we knew it and everyone was invited to have hot chocolate, coffee and donuts to make the morning enjoyable for everyone. The treasures were sent home with each child along with the Easter story.

What started as a fun neighborhood tradition, ended up making an impact with each family.

This Easter, share the Good News...He is risen! Indeed! Tell the story with friends and neighbors this Easter in whatever way that fits your family.

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