Monday, August 10

A Blessing or a Burden?

Frank Lloyd Wright said:

"Many wealthy people are little more than the janitors of their possessions!"

Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect with very modern designs. His homes didn't avail themselves to alot of 'clutter'. He used sleek lines and open spaces.

Nowadays I don't think we have to be wealthy to be janitors of our possessions. The mini-storage business is a new phenomenon for this generation and it is a booming business. We can even own a home with sleek lines and open spaces and still collect stuff!
The self-storage industry grew from about 289 million square feet in 1984 to nearly 2.2 billion square feet by the end of 2007, according to the Self Storage Association.
We pay to store our stuff!

Without looking around your home, make a list this week of all the things you truly LOVE in your daily life.

Then categorize them:


Is the maintenance of all this stuff a blessing or a burden?

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