Wednesday, August 5

Home Improvement - literally!

These days Ryan and I are working on some house projects. We are finishing our attic (painting, carpet, and a little sheetrocking, mudding, taping, etc.), getting new windows and we had to buy a new storm door for the front of our house.

In all these decisions we are weighing time, money, and quality. Some projects we are doing ourselves to save money. Some we are asking friends and family for help. Some we are hiring contractors to get them done quickly (hopefully before baby girl arrives in about 5 weeks!).

As we look at our options, I have been talking with Ryan's parents and trying to determine what is best for our family, what is good quality, what is economical and what would be best for resale.

There are so many things to consider!

We don't plan on moving anytime soon. But I am also not naive enough to think we'll be in this house until our kids are grown (not sure the kitchen has room enough for the food it will take to feed multiple teenagers :).

I find it stressful and tiring to call contractors, get estimates, weigh our options and then hire someone. It is so time consuming...and it's emotionally draining.

But at the same time, trying to do all this ourselves is stressful and time consuming. We are not exactly home project people!

I want to do what is best for resale, but I also want to make decisions in the best interest of our family. I want to create a space that we love, will be comfortable in and will use because it is to our liking. I desire good quality, without choosing the most expensive options.

I'm asking the Lord to give us wisdom and unity in our decision-making, to help move these projects along quickly and for peace regardless of whether or not this all gets completed in time for our new baby.

It's times like these that I am reminded that clear communication is essential in a marriage relationship. I am reminded that our money is not our own - God is the one providing for us, for our family and for our home. I am reminded that it takes time, work, and energy to make a house a home. I am reminded of Psalm 127:1 "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain."

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