Wednesday, August 12

What Are You Maintaining?

Are you too busy being a janitor to your stuff to take time to identify what you really love? It took me awhile to realize how much stuff I have that I just move around and dust.

Have I acquired too much of a good thing?

While raising my kids, I added to my possessions thinking I was building my home. Looking back, I wished I had asked myself some key questions:

Am I willing to maintain all this stuff?

Is my space becoming crowded?

Does my stuff give me daily enjoyment?

Do my kids get daily enjoyment from their stuff?

Are they willing to spend time and energy to care for their stuff?

Do I ever feel I have too much 'stuff' around?

Asking key questions rather than nagging my kids to clean their rooms may have been more profitable. If they could truly show me that they loved and maintained their stuff, I could have backed off abit.

Idealistic? Perhaps, but I think too much of life is just maintenance.

I am living lighter these days. I am trying to surround myself with stuff I truly love.

Try it in your home and see if you don't love the freedom it brings.

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