Friday, August 21

Home Improvement...Check your Priorities

Just this morning, I had to reorganize my priorities when my husband asked me if I would go golfing. His buddy canceled on him. He had the tee time and he was looking forward to a good round.

I was looking forward to a morning to myself.

But my husband had asked me to go golfing.

I have learned to have the word 'sure' on my lips for times like this. I have learned that I will enjoy myself once I am out on the course. I have learned that Dean and I need to capture time together like I have learned to say 'sure'.

I know it sounds selfish that I wouldn't jump at the chance to go golfing with my husband, but last minute invitations usually mean that I have to say 'no' to alot of other plans. That is hard for me to do.

Re-organizing my priorities is a very common exercise for me. Interruptions seem to be an everyday occurrence.

Learning to be flexible and re-organize my priorities has made me good.

Today I was flexible but today my interruption was a game of golf with my husband. Other days my interruptions might not be so fun. If I hesitate to drop everything when my husband asks me to go golfing, you know I have had to work on being flexible for the not-so-fun interruptions.

It's not only moms with small children that need to be flexible and mindful of their priorities.

Any woman who wants to be be better, must work on flexibility and her ability to re-adjust her priorities as needed.

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