Thursday, August 20

Mothering is full of lessons!

I am less than three weeks from my due date and there is one thing I know: I have a lot to learn about what makes a mom good or what makes a good mom.

I believe our society will tell us one thing, our friends might tell us another, books might offer another perspective, Biblical truth yet another.

I feel I have so much to learn about being a mom! Not just a mom of one, but now of two. I love to observe my friends and learn from what I see them saying and doing. I also learn what I don't want to say and do.

Mothering is a role that keeps me on my toes...all day, every day. I often ask God for the strength, energy, grace and patience to be the mom that Samuel needs.

Because what Samuel needs in a mom is different than what Sophia needs, or Maddie needs, or Natalie needs, or Noah needs, etc, etc.

It's so difficult not to compare my role as a mom to my friends. I can learn from them...and ask them for their advice and opinion, but it's an ongoing lesson for me to realize that what my child needs is me - not me trying to copy how my friend parents.

That's a lesson I'm continually learning.

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