Friday, August 14

Home Improvement...Choose Wisely

I read an article in the paper this week about 2 sisters in a dispute over a lottery ticket. One sister won $500,000. Years before the 2 sisters had typed up a 4-line agreement which said that they would share in any future winnings from lottery, cards, or bingo. They actually had the agreement notarized.

They used to gamble together frequently, play the same numbers and play the slots. They used to share everything.

Along the way, the two had a disagreement. They haven't spoken to each other since 2004.

The sister who didn't win the $500,000 had her attorney contact the winning sister and demanded half of the money.

The article said the suing sister didn't want to drag her sister into court but she believes she is due a share of the money. "I miss her so much, and I love her...but all I want is what is rightfully mine. All I want is my share, nothing more."

As I read this article, I thought of what I posted earlier in the week...the exercise of listing what we have in our lives that we truly LOVE. I was referring to 'stuff' but this article was a sad reminder that often we can love 'stuff' or 'money to buy stuff' more than we love the people in our lives if we aren't careful with our choices.

For Home Improvement this week, just review the exercises from this week's postings. Realize that to become a wise woman we must be wise in our choices as well as in our actions.

If wisdom comes with age, these 2 sisters should be quite wise...the younger sister that is suing is 83...her older sister is 87.

This article is a great example that growing older sure happens alot easier than growing wiser!

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