Tuesday, December 1

Christmas Traditions

Wow, I love Betsy's tradition she wrote about yesterday. What a way to get everything done that you want to accomplish during this very busy month of December.

I've shared my traditions on this blog before so perhaps this is a good time to share what I learned about traditions...

I had to learn the hard way that 'More is not Better' when it comes to Christmas. I piled on the traditions and fun when my kids were little and soon found myself...and them drowning in too much.

Too much food

Too much running and shopping

Too much activity and stimulation

Too much fuss...and mess

Too much

It all led to too little



...family fun



Being intentional in planning the month of December is a way to avoid 'too much'. Whether you are intentional or not, you will be exhausted on Christmas morning. But if your December has been planned out even just alittle, your exhaustion will soon be replaced with satisfaction as you see Christmas turn into a special remembrance.

As you build tradition into your family, don't be afraid to challenge yourself as to why you are doing an activity. Don't be afraid to change up or cancel something if it is just too much or it is not accomplishing what you had hoped to accomplish.

Sometimes a wonderful memory is made when you carve out time just to hang out with your family and enjoy an evening of quiet.

I love Christmas. I love tradition. I love being intentional in what I choose to do with my family life. I love that I know that 'More is not Better'.

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