Wednesday, December 2

Dice game

One tradition my family has enjoyed for years is the dice game. Some people play this and they bring white elephant gifts to exchange. My family actually uses nice, enjoyable gifts.

Here's how it works:

Everyone buys 3-5 $5 gifts. Gifts for guys, girls or either. You wrap them and place them in a pile in the center of the room. Everyone sits in a circle around the gifts. Then, depending on the number of people, you have one or two containers of dice going around the circle. Everyone rolls the dice and every time someone gets a double they grab a gift but don't open it. Once all the gifts are divided between people (not necessarily evenly), you open the gifts. Then the fun begins. You roll the dice again and when you get doubles you get to steal a gift that you want and exchange one that you don't. So all the gifts exchange hands numerous times. It's a blast and so fun to see what items everyone purchased. We usually set a time limit for how long the dice can go around the circle for.

I enjoy gift giving and this is a unique way to have fun together as a family, laugh and share in a little competition. It might not work well with smaller kids, but with adult kids and relatives, it will lead to great memories!

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