Friday, December 11

Just Starting Out

I was married for three years before having children and when it came to gift giving at the holiday season...we basically just did whatever our families were doing. My family picks names and then also buys for the grandchildren. My husband is an only child so we buy gifts for both of his parents. This year we have some decisions to be made about gifts. We want to start some of our own family traditions that our girls will be able to look forward to.

The largest decision we are making right now is whether or not to include Santa Claus in our family tradition. I came from a family that did not celebrate Santa and my husband did. We both want our kids to see the real reason for Christmas is Jesus, but I also appreciate the innocence and excitement believing in Santa brings.

I would love to say we have this figured out, but we don't. Here we are only weeks away from Christmas and still without a plan. Any suggestions or ideas would be helpful. Do you include Santa in your celebrations?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, our kids anticipate a fellow who adds to the Christmas joy. I'm not sure they believe in him, but they get excited to think he comes with gifts on Christmas Eve.
They know Christmas is about Jesus' birth and what that all means.
Santa is a way to have fun on Jesus' birthday.