Friday, December 4

Busy with a family tradition. . .

sorry for the late post, but today we were busy with another family tradition of ours-baking Christmas cookies. Is this not the cutest Christmas cookie ever! (okay so I am slightly biased!)

If you did not know before, Barb is my aunt, my mom’s sister, and Stacy is married to her son Ryan. Aren’t I lucky?! Every year we have gotten together to bake Christmas cookies. Every year it changes a bit and this year was no exception. With Stacy and her two children under 2 years and Rachel and Jonathan along with my two girls it changes the product at the end, but increases the fun during. My mom and I were the only ones to actually bake cookies today, but memories were made none-the-less. With three little ones added to the mix, compromises must be part of the package. They all did great. We barricaded off the tree and brought out some new toys and the boys had a great time. As you can see by the photos below it is hard to get a good photo of everyone, but I think you can tell that we were having a good time and shouldn't that be the reason we have these family traditions? If you can’t read the sign it says, “Life’s Short. . . Eat Cookies!” Pretty good motto huh?
(back row: Stacy holding her son Samuel, my mom holding Stacy daughter Lauren, me, Rachel (Barb's daughter) and Barb holding Rachel's son Jonathan
front row: my daughters Maddie and Abigail)

We hope you and your family will have many of these special moments together this Christmas season-thanks ladies for a great day!

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