Thursday, November 20

Buy or borrow?

In today's world we are bombarded by ads, commercials, and billboards that tell us what we need and when we need it. We are told to consume, consume, consume...

We don't really need everything "they" tell us we do.

And why buy when you can borrow?

Recently I've learned that I don't need to register or purchase everything that Babies-R-Us offers. I've received so much baby stuff from other people. Some has been borrowed, some has been given. This has taught me much. Why do we save stuff and hoard it in our basements and closets when we can share it with others?

There are many items that you could borrow rather than buy. Here are just a few:
Children's clothing
Dishes/serving platters (for special occasions)
Many baby items
Tools used for specific projects
Household items like large ladders

If you buy all this, not only will you spend more money, but you will also have to find a place to store it all. So next time you are tempted, ask yourself, "Buy or borrow?"

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