Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving...

A young mom shared an idea with me I'd like to pass along. Years ago, she received a letter from a student of hers telling her how she had impacted this girl's life. The young mom was a new teacher at the time and was moved that a student would take the time to write such a note. The student explained that it was a 'tradition' in their family to choose one person each year that made a difference in their life. Then they would write a note of gratitude to that person on Thanksgiving Day. This young mom was going to start that 'tradition' with her young 4 year old this year.

Most of you will be reading this after your Thanksgiving Day is done, but consider choosing someone who has impacted your life this year. Sometime over the weekend, send off a note of thanks to that person and let them know how they impacted your life. Tell them you are writing only ONE letter and it is to them!

If you do this with your children, the first few years they may choose daddy or grandma or grandpa to write to, but if they do this each year, they will begin to 'look' for people in their life that are making a difference. They will also become aware of how they may be impacting others!

I think I will commit to do this each year. A truly wonderful Thanksgiving Tradition.

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Lynn said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition idea. Thanks for sharing :)