Monday, December 1

Cyber Monday...

Today is supposed to be the busiest day on the internet for shopping...Check out these sights:

Or this is good for additional coupons!:

Just a reminder before you click "order" or before you head to the mall, make a list of all the gifts you need to buy. Write the names of who you need to buy for and one short statement of why you are buying for them. It will put your heart in the right mood for sharing with others and give you the right motive for shopping.
If you can't write a reason for buying for that person, perhaps you will do better this year to renew that relationship by spending time with them...or deleting them from your list.

Be intentional in your shopping this Christmas. This time of year, I like to recall a definition of maturity I read along time ago. You are mature when you can 'carry money without spending it'

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