Monday, December 29


3 more days in 2008! How was your year? Did it unfold like you had hoped it would? Did you make a difference in somebody else's life?

I love to review each year as it comes to a close. Some years are easier to evaluate than others, but by reviewing the year just gone by, I am more mindful of where I may be going.

As women, we are probably all exhausted after a busy Christmas week, but take time with me to answer just a few question in your head if nothing else. At some point, write down the answers and then keep them in a place you can refer to in the years to come. This will give you a synopsis of your life!

What was the 'moment of the year' for you in 2008?
(If you can't answer that this year, keep it in mind for 2009. It helps you slow down and live 'in the moment'!)

What was the best choice you made this year?

Who influenced you the most in 2008?

Who do you think YOU influenced the most in 2008?

What was good for you this year?

How many books did you read this year?

Remember that phase we use alot in this blog: "the people you meet, the books you read and the choices you make" will determine the person you will become.

Hopefully, you are pleased with who you have become in 2008, if not, maybe this will give you incentive for making specific New Year's Resolutions.

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