Thursday, December 11

A homemade Christmas

Last Christmas I received two homemade gifts that were so memorable...

The first was a beautiful crocheted blanket. We use it almost every day and it is a gift that I will always treasure and I think of the friend who made it every time I wrap myself in it.

The second was a jar with the makings for scones. I had never eaten scones, much less made them. They were delicious. I just added the 'wet' ingredients and enjoyed this tasty gift.

This Christmas season, I challenge you to MAKE at least ONE Christmas gift. It's a challenge that I am taking upon myself as well and I hope you'll consider it!

If you are used to making gifts, make a few more than normal. But if making homemade gifts is not your style, then just start with one.

Here are a couple ideas:
Crochet or knit (I've been working on a gift for almost a year....maybe it will be done by Christmas?)
Make a plate of Christmas treats and give to friends, neighbors or family
Make a booklet of coupons for the recipient to redeem throughout the year
A DVD slideshow of pictures throughout the year

Please comment and share what homemade gifts you make or ones that you have received that were memorable.

Let's make this year a homemade, memorable, from-the-heart Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone...I've done this a bit this year. Soup in a jar as well as some amazing cranberry white choc. chip cookies. I had to do it for a work thing so I made a "date evening" in a box with the soup, cornbread mix, cookies, popcorn and a little candle. For the recipes, go to and search "Jar" a bunch of great recipes come up. I used "friendship soup" and "Cranberry hottycreeks"...I know, the name is my fav too! It's kind of fun and once you have the incredients, you can make quick a few jars! Merry Christmas. Miranda

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite gifts last year was one that my sister-in-law made. Her MOPS group had just put out a cookbook, which I know had been a huge and exciting project for her. So, she gave me a copy of the cookbook with a few of the recipes as mixes. It was so special because I knew that she was so proud of the cookbook she and her friends had made, and she'd been thinking about me and the things I like as she made up the mixes.