Monday, December 22

Let it go

Ok I have 3 words for all of us women who are striving to be wise...wise in our homes, wise with our families, wise in our work:




At this point, 4 days before Christmas, there is a good chance that everything you have planned to do might not get done.

That's ok. Let it go.

The shopping, baking, Christmas cards, cooking, decorating, scheduling, picture-taking, planning, etc, etc.

It most likely won't all get done. And if it does all get done, it might be at the expense of you losing sleep, or not spending time with family, or being crabby with your spouse or kids because they are preventing you from getting it all done.

If you are feeling tired or overwhelmed or frustrated or stressed then....




Change your menu plans and cook something simpler. Don't worry about finding the 'perfect' gift. Wait until after the holidays to do some of the things you were hoping to get done pre-Christmas.

It's ok. Really. It is.

I'm 4 days out from Christmas and my baby announcements and thank yous (which are my Christmas cards) are still piled high on the table.

I will get some sent. But not all.

Oh well. I'm letting it go.

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