Wednesday, December 3

Are You a Planner?

In life, there are those who plan...and those who are more 'free-spirited'!

At Christmas, I think everyone needs to plan! The time is short and there is so much to do, I don't think you can just 'let things happen'.

Marcia Ramsland has a new book out called Simplify Your Holidays. It is a great resource for you 'free-spirited' women. She suggests that you start your Christmas planning in Oct, so you know that alot of planning is necessary according to the experts.

One idea she promotes is to make notes of all you do each year.
I have kept a notebook over the years, not as extensive as she would like, but I use it as a resource to keep all my Christmas recipes and ideas. I also keep track of gifts I give, so I don't duplicate giving my co-workers or sunday school teachers, candles or Avon every year.

Marcia says to think about giving similar items each year. For example, give all magazine subscriptions to friends one year. The next year, give them all spa certificates or give all of them books. That way you can do one-stop shopping and check off a good numbers of recipients from your list.

If you mail out alot of gifts, you may enjoy shopping at Von Maur. They offer interest-free credit, free gift wrap and NO shipping fee.

Being intentional and planning this year will save you time and money.

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