Wednesday, December 31

New Year's Eve...

I really like to take time on New Year's Eve or New Year's Day to REMEMBER.

I have seen over the years the benefit of setting time aside to remember. To remember what the past year taught me. To remember what I celebrated.

2008 has been an extremely joyful year for me with the birth of our first 2 grandsons. If I wasn't in the habit of reviewing my year, I may overlook the details that made these births so special. Life gets busy and I begin to take things for granted if I don't stop and REMEMBER.

This year has been a year of good health for me and my family and it causes me to stop and give thanks. I have had years in the past where sickness and the death of my parents consumed the year. A year of good health is something to be grateful for and to REMEMBER.

My children took on great challenges this year in their families, work and schooling. They stepped out in faith. They grew in their walk with the Lord. It is a year to REMEMBER and give thanks.

I had to come to terms with a friendship that didn't meet my expectations. I thought I had worked through enough friendships in my days that I knew how to handle disappointment. I need to REMEMBER how I had to learn to forgive again.

My ministry with Homemakers and MOPS provided many opportunities to trust God. I want to REMEMBER how He desired that I learn more than I taught.

As I review my year, I remember how much I forgot has happened this year.

In the book of Deuteromy, God tells the Israelites to REMEMBER 15 times. God knows how life seems to go on whether we REMEMBER or not, but if I remember, I learn. I am grateful. I am ready for the New Year.

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Aunt Sharon said...

Thank you, Barb & Stacy, for taking time to inspire and challenge me with your "blog."
I wonder what God has planned for us in 2009!
I love you and yours,