Thursday, January 1

2009 Planning Guide Tool

For a number of years Ryan and I filled out a worksheet as we started each year to help us set goals and discuss our plans for the year. This enabled us to get on the same page and be realistic and honest about what we hoped and desired for the upcoming year.

Some years, we wrote the same thing over and over because we couldn't afford our desired purchases or we didn't achieve the things we hoped for.

Especially early in our marriage this tool was incredibly beneficial, but I think it might be a useful tool for us to consider again this year with all the changes that took place in 2008.

Here is the very simple and straight-forward Planning Guide Tool. I suggest each of you fill it out yourself and then come together to discuss time, finances, dreams, etc. I included examples to get you thinking. Please share if you fill it out and how it works for you!

1. Things to do (e.g., take two weekend trips, go on regular date nights, plan weekly family fun nights, pay off credit card debt, find a church we like, call parents weekly)

2. Things to become
(e.g., more fit, a healthier cook, better steward of money, more Bible literate, more educated about...)

3. Things to acquire
(e.g., bikes, rollerblades, dining room table, patio furniture, grill)

4. Things to achieve/complete
(e.g., MBA, read Bible in one year, certifications, marathon, bike race, painting course)

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kim said...

This is a great tool. After nearly 12 years of marriage, my husband and I have never formally sat down and discussed these things at the start of a year or at anytime really. We discuss them when necessary. But I think to sit down and look ahead is a great approach. Thanks for the idea!