Monday, January 26

Make a list!

One of my favorite homemaking books that I refer to on this site from time to time is Queen of the Castle. Author Lynn Bowen Walker refers to the book The Sidetracked Sisters' Happiness File in which they suggest starting a list of all the things you love to do, them making sure to incorporate them into your life.

As women it is vital to nurture ourselves by participating in the activities that bring refreshment, joy and relaxation to our hearts. These things not only refresh us physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

A list might include things such as: taking a bubble bath, going shopping, getting a facial, pedicure or massage, going out for coffee with a friend, reading a book, watching movies in front of the fire (with freshly popped popcorn!), taking a nap, working on a craft or hobby, etc. If this lists sounds similar to what Barb suggested last week, it's because we're really trying to communicate that these things are essential - not just optional - for us to thrive as women.

I love to read and last week I read an entire book in two days. Now it wasn't a long book, but it felt SO good to just lay in bed here and there, or sit on the couch while my husband was watching television and let myself read. Reading allows me to take a mental break from life, and escape into the wonderful world of whatever story I am reading.

When you have a few minutes this week, grab a pen and make your list. Put it in your Bible or on your fridge or somewhere you will see it regularly. Let it be a reminder to give yourself a mental or emotional break - you deserve it!

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Lynn said...

Hi Stacy,
Thanks for mentioning my book, Queen of the Castle! I enjoy reading your blog, too. It's so much fun to find other women who value homemaking. We do important work!

Fishmama, who blogs at Life as Mom, is hosting a Queen of the Castle book giveaway this week, if you or any of your readers are interested. Just go to this site and leave a comment and she'll enter you into the drawing:

Thanks again for all your support of women who are committed to loving and nurturing the families God has given them! Keep up the great blogging :)