Tuesday, January 20

What worked then...

doesn't work now....!

That's something that I've learned over the last couple years

When I worked full-time in the corporate world I took a class during lunch where we stretched, lifted light weights and did exercises with a big ball. I was toned!

When I worked from home and lived just a couple blocks from a Snap Fitness my husband and I would work out on a regular basis. Or I would work out during the day. We had no kids and our schedule was our own.

Now I am at home full-time as a mom. I work part-time from home. I don't belong to a club. My time is not my own.

What worked for me in the past will not work for me now. It's not an option for me now to go to the club or take exercise classes whenever I want.

So what's a mom to do?

That's what I'm here trying to figure out. What does my day look like now? Where do I fit in exercise and healthy cooking? It's freezing here in Minnesota so I can't even take my little guy out for a walk.

I look forward to warmer weather and getting out doors but that is months away (unfortunately!).

I'm not sure what healthy living looks like for me in this new season of life. But I'm committed to figuring it out...so I can be the best mom possible.

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