Friday, January 2

The New Year--Home Improvement

My house is a mess, left-over Christmas goodies, crushed decorations, boxes all around needing to be packed and put away. Christmas cards yet to be read and thank you notes needing to be written.

The New Year is just dawning and I am already behind!

Building a home is often based on taking care of the urgent because that is what we can see, but really building a home that works means that we pay attention to the important things.

This weekend, I am going to let a few of the urgent tasks set awhile as I review year 2008 and consider what I need to do that is important to make my home and myself thrive in the New Year.

This Home Improvement assignment will be a year-long project...share this blog with others and add your comments so we can all become Homemakers with Hope. Wise women who are building our homes-Proverbs 14:1

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