Tuesday, January 6

A theme and a heartbook

I just found a post from last January when I wrote about the theme I was choosing for 2008. You can read it here. When choosing your 2009 theme I encourage you to think about these three things:

1. Why are you choosing this theme? Answer that question and write out your response.

2. Scripture: what Scripture affirms your theme? What Scripture will you refer back to when remembering why you chose your them?

3. Quotes/poems/songs: are there any other items that encourage you in your pursuit of your theme? A song that inspires you? A quote that challenges you? Write them down.

Also, as you plan your theme, consider creating a 'Heartbook.' We blogged about this last January as well - check it out. A heartbook is a 3-ring binder that you use to study. The first page of my 2008 binder included my theme, my why, my Scripture references and my quotes. Every time I opened my book, I could see what my theme for the year was.

The heartbook is a place to write out what you are learning about your theme. It is a place to write verses you come across. It is a place to look back at the end of 365 days to see how you grew.

I am so grateful for my 2008 theme and my 2008 heartbook. And I'm thankful that Barb encourages me each year to continue to pursue becoming a wise woman.

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