Tuesday, January 27

What Did You Learn?

What did you learn yesterday? About anything.

Years ago, at the end of every day I would write down one thing I had learned that day. I may return to that discipline again this year.

There were days I was eager to write down something profound I had heard or read. There were days I was void of anything new. It rapidly made me aware of how little I focused on my mind. Before that exercise, I simply went from day to day not really thinking about my mind's potential.

How can we even begin to call ourselves 'wise' if we aren't aware of our learning patterns?

As we talk about becoming women of God, most of us recognize our need grow in that area.

When we focus on our physical bodies, we are always aware of ways we can improve there.

But do we take our minds for granted?

As we continue to think of ways to take care of ourselves we can't neglect our minds.

What have you learned today?

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