Wednesday, January 21

Woman to Woman

When I was 20-something, I was teaching along side quite a few other young teachers. We developed a close bond as we were all were just beginning to 'build our homes'.

Jeanette, the office administrator was like a mother to all of us and was forever giving us tips. She usually had some advice about recipes or cleaning, but one time she said, "Don't forget to put cream on your necks every night, girls."

Since then, I have put cream on my neck! Did it help? I don't know, let's just say I'd hate to see what my neck would be like if I hadn't!

I love advice like that. Often times when I read about how to take care of myself as a woman, it is overwhelming because it makes it seem like a full-time job!

Helpful hints from women who are down the road abit are tried and true and...usually priceless.

Want to hear some more?

I began taking care of the sensitive skin around my eyes after an older neighbor said it was the best thing she did to take care of her face.

I became aware of colors in my clothing when an older friend spent some time with me to show me the impact of different colors against my skin.

When my first child was born, an older mom with 3 kids asked me what I was 'feeding my body' (not what was I eating) and it began a life-long habit of feeding my body healthy foods because she said I would be 'feeding my baby the same stuff I was feeding my body'

A very organized mom told me she got up early, exercised and got fully dressed to start each day, right down to her shoes. This enabled her to 'handle all the interruptions' and helped her be ready for whatever happened during the day. When I follow this advice even now many years later I am a happier woman.

We women love to talk, let's make our words inspiring to one another so we can be the best women we can be in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of expense!

What comment could you share that might impact another woman? Here's your chance!

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