Friday, January 23

Home Improvement...Be a Woman!

HURRAH! This week's home improvement is all about ME! Enjoy it ladies, because the other 51 weeks it will be about serving others!

A woman serves her husband

A woman serves her children

A woman serves her neighbors, friends, co-workers

A woman serves her parents, siblings and relatives

A woman serves...

So a woman has to be in top condition in order to maintain her own strength and availability to serve others.

Use this weekend to take a temperature check of what YOU need to do to improve physically so you can serve others.

Take a bath

Get a free makeover at a cosmetic counter at your favorite department store

Make a doctor's appointment on Monday if you haven't been keeping up with your yearly physicals

Move your body this weekend. Make plans to do that often in 2009

Look through magazines for a new haircut for the New Year!

Paint your fingernails

Use a facial mask...for dry or oily skin, whatever one fits you

Paint your toenails

Buy a new color lipstick

Go through your closet and weed out old clothes, alter clothes that don't fit, buy new clothes if you have a need for some!

Change the purse you are using, buy a fun new one if your current one doesn't keep you organized

Eat healthy...just for this weekend and see if it doesn't improve your disposition by Monday:)

Enjoy yourself!

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