Monday, January 19

I Am Woman!

Last Wednesday I took a bath! A nice hot bubble bath.
I remember things like that because they happen so rarely.

I suppose I should preface that by saying that I shower daily, but I don't treat myself to a long, steamy bubble bath often.

I loved just sitting among the bubbles pretending I was a young girl without a care in the world. It was good to escape reality for abit.

What do you do to take care of YOURSELF? The first 2 weeks of this New Year, we have talked about our spiritual health and our role as a woman of God. For the next 2 weeks, we would like to focus on taking care of ourselves. As a woman, no matter where we are in life we all serve others. That is just how we are made. But we can't keep serving others without making sure we are strong and healthy ourselves.

My mom was a great role model for staying active. She loved to walk and swim. I have benefited from her example and if I am asked by a younger woman what I have learned over the years about my body that I value, moving my body would be at the top of my list. My body is the vehicle that I use to serve others so I need to keep it in moving condition. That doesn't mean long, sweaty workouts, it just means walking the stairs instead of taking the escalator, it means parking at the back of a parking lot and walking into a store.

It would be great to get feedback from all of you reading this blog about what you do to take care of yourself as a woman. What advice did you hear when you were younger that you have found to be valuable? What advice would you like to hear?

We are all striving to be HOMEMAKERS with do we stay healthy as we are trying to be all things to all people? Let's share and learn together...

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Anonymous said...

As a mother of two young children I have learned the importance of what the airlines say "please put on your mask before assisting others." Too often I find I am so busy trying to take care of everyone else that I put my own needs aside and eventually collapse. I am now learning how important it is to be sure I take care of me so that I can really help others. It feels a bit selfish at times but I have tried to change my perspective and see that it really is a service to my family. I can be a much better wife, mother, friend, when I am refreshed, rested, healthy & happy.